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Virtual Superhero Party

Enjoy our 30minute Superhero party in the comfort of your own home! Keep your children entertained with their favourite characters, while joining in with dances to keep up fitness. 

Available from: 

Monday 15th - Sunday 21st February 2021.

Book below for our 30minute Superhero Party which will be available on our website by signing in with a unique code from Monday 15th Feb 2021.

Unlimited streaming which is perfect to keep those littles ones (and grown ups of course) entertained this half term. All you !need is a smart phone, IPAD or even a laptop to connect to TV.

Price: £5 for unlimited access

Please Note: One Video is valid for one household.



As a small working entertainment business we respect that you


respect our 'No-Sharing' policy.

Or you can pay via Paypal.

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